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For those of you that know me on a personal level know that I actually loathe television. I like movies and a few good or hilarious shows. The part that I can’t stand is the TV set being on all day long for no reason. I always find myself mindlessly staring at it never getting anything accomplished. Even if I don’t like the show. A lot of people tell me “I just like having the noise.” Really??? Because I feel like I’m going insane because every 30 sec someone is trying to sell me something. I prefer the radio. I love that my hubby’s great grandma has Sirius XM on her satellite. It rarely gets put to that but those channels have NO commercials and minimal talking.  I also found that my mother-in-law has Pandora that goes on the TV and it has nobody talking at me- ever. I know I’m probably waaaay behind on the times but this was news to me. I thought Pandora was just on the computer or in the car.  😛

But yeah- I love DVR. That way I can record exactly what I want to watch and can SKIP all the commercials. I do happen to like quite a few shows so if you’re interested these are the things I’m hooked on right now. (My top 3 are actually tied for how much I like them!)

  1. The Client List (I love Jennifer Love Hewitt!!! I was sad nobody picked up the Ghost Whisperer!)
  2. The All-Star Celebrity Apprentice (I know this is the 13 season but its great even though I’ve only watched half of one other season)
  3. MLP– YES! It’s true I love My Little Ponies. As a “grown woman” I really shouldn’t but I do and I’m not ashamed.
  4. Project Runway Teams ( Another show thats been going for a while that I’ve watched here and there but I’m hooked on the Teams aspect of it!)
  5. Ridiculousness (I think that this new season they’re re-using a  few clips from last season so far it seems like every episode has at least one I’ve seen them show before.)

For some of my ALL TIME favorites they’re usually old or “old people” shows.

  1. Gunsmoke 
  2. Bonanza
  3. Matlock

And probably a few others. I could waste the day away if there was a marathon of any of those old shows because I actually haven’t seen that many.

As for movies….that could be a WHOLE other post and a very long one…..