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Mario Enemies!

Hello! Today I have something new and exciting (to me)!

This is something that I’ve been working on quite awhile now and even though it’s done and over I’m still a little bit hesitant to share it with the world. I will be honest- I could have done better. But if I had left the audio in it’s original form you would hear my kids, THE WHOLE TIME. Just an excuse I know, but still this is my “baby” and it is what it is. I think it’s done well enough that the characters are recognizable.  Despite my distractions I had fun doing this. I didn’t research into it too much but I did notice in a quick look through some YT videos and the main characters in the Mario series that are being done over and over again are the 1up Mushroom, Mario himself, Luigi, Yoshi….so I thought why not do his enemies?! I’m hoping (but no promises!) in the future to do more in this category.

Mario Nail Art: Enemies!

Since this video was done awhile ago I don’t have what I used out. If you have any specific questions about things I’m sure I could dig around and find it.