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OPI Nothin’ Mousie About It

Oh hi! I saw some pre-press released pictures of the OPI Minnie Mouse Vintage collection way back and knew I’d have to have at least one…for Minnie’s sake!! Once I was finally able to see official photo’s and descriptions I knew hearts and a flakie based polish was a must have! So without further ado- Nothin’ Mousie About It.

OPI Nothin’ Mousie About It

One coat of Nothin’ Mouse About It over one coat WnW  Creme Black. Sally Hansen Insta Dri top coat. Good dry time. I did black because it really makes the purple and yellow/orange flakies pop in this. I’m guessing the base is a super sheer pink that could build up to what the bottle looks like but still will never be opaque. If I try it and my opinion on that changes, I will edit this! But until then I think if you want it to look pink all the way through without having to do 5+ coats, you’re going to have to do a pink base.

Anyways, over all, I love this. The OPI facebook fan page they have a helpful hint to getting the hearts out. Works alright, I feel like sometimes it doesn’t make a difference, but maybe a little easier as you use more.

Nfu Oh 50

So lately I’ve been trying to hunt down a blue-green flakie since the flakies I do have are nearly identical and are the orange-yellow-green type. In addition to my Jellies js-24 and js-31 I bought this from, Nfu Oh 50! So they have lots of awesome flakies and quite a few with blue-green flakies I just love the lilac base in this.

I’ve put this over a couple of the Maybelline Color Show polishes I posted a few days ago.

Nfu Oh 50 over Maybelline Amethyst Ablaze

Nfu Oh 50 over Maybelline Blue Freeze

Nfu Oh 50 over Maybelline Blue Freeze

Nfu Oh 50 over Maybelline Blue Freeze

Nfu Oh 50 over Maybelline Blue Freeze

I didn’t picture it on the Candy Crush because it basically disappeared. I forgot that I didn’t have a picture of Twilight Rays with 50….Which is too bad because it looks sooooooo cool together!

Nfu Oh 50 is in one coat over these. Has good coverage and isn’t really thick. Has a topcoat on and just so much better IRL.