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Blast From The Past! Color Club Electro Candy

Even though this summer is big for neons and all the major brands seem to have a summer neon line up, I found this collection at Ross early this spring. It really makes me hesitant to buy any of the new neons out there- as unbelievable as that sounds. Maybe they’re not as neon as some are now? Color Club Electro Candy was from summer 2009.

Formula wise I find these are great  and pop if you have white polish for a base. All of these (except for Pure Energy<the blue one>) are one thickish coat on top of two coats of OPI Alpine Snow.  I also used the “Vivid Top Coat” that came with the set. Which I believe to is to bring out the subtle shimmer in all of these. I must say subtle is definitely the word.  A little more visible in person, regardless I ♥ these. If you don’t use top coat these dry to a dull finish. I can’t even say it satin matte because it isn’t!

Color Club “What A Shock”

The shimmer in What A Shock should be blue. And this color probably turned out more accurate then the rest.

Color Club “Volt of Light”

The shimmer in Volt Of Light should be green. And the color should be a little brighter.

Color Club “Electro Candy”

The collections namesake Electro Candy. Probably has the most visible shimmer which seems to be white. This is very bright but it should be a little more saturated in this photo. Think more like the “dark parts” and less like where the light hits it.

Color Club “Tangerine Scream”

Color Club “Tangerine Scream”

Tangerine Scream was insanely hard to capture and it make me wonder how well it would have turned out if I had a light box.  This is not accurate at all and think more of a caution cone color with a silvery white shimmer. But I thought I would share the pictures because they look super cool to me.

Color Club “Ultra Violet”

Ultra Violet wasn’t nearly as bad as Tangerine Scream to capture but none the less the color is off. My camera has something against purples. What’s in the bottle in this pic should be a touch darker and it has a beautiful blue shimmer that is so pretty IRL.

Color Club “Pure Energy”

Pure Energy is another one that should be a bit darker with a light blue shimmer in it.  Super subtle in this one. Oh and this one is two coats over two coats of white.

So thats all and you can look forward to my using 3 of these in an upcoming gradient tutorial in video form. ;D

Kleancolor Ocean Wave

So here is a really pretty light chrome blue!

Kleancolor Ocean Wave

OH GOSH! *drool* I love love it. It’s a one coater so this will be good for stamping! Dry time was fast and this is without top coat! a total win. I’ve increasingly have less to say about polish lately. My admiration is the same just not feeling as chatty lately. :\

Nfu Oh 50

So lately I’ve been trying to hunt down a blue-green flakie since the flakies I do have are nearly identical and are the orange-yellow-green type. In addition to my Jellies js-24 and js-31 I bought this from, Nfu Oh 50! So they have lots of awesome flakies and quite a few with blue-green flakies I just love the lilac base in this.

I’ve put this over a couple of the Maybelline Color Show polishes I posted a few days ago.

Nfu Oh 50 over Maybelline Amethyst Ablaze

Nfu Oh 50 over Maybelline Blue Freeze

Nfu Oh 50 over Maybelline Blue Freeze

Nfu Oh 50 over Maybelline Blue Freeze

Nfu Oh 50 over Maybelline Blue Freeze

I didn’t picture it on the Candy Crush because it basically disappeared. I forgot that I didn’t have a picture of Twilight Rays with 50….Which is too bad because it looks sooooooo cool together!

Nfu Oh 50 is in one coat over these. Has good coverage and isn’t really thick. Has a topcoat on and just so much better IRL.

New Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquers!

June already?! I was wandering through Wally World the other day and stumbled upon a new and more then half empty display for Maybelline Color Show Nail Lacquers. I don’t own any Maybelline polishes so I grabbed 4 of these. I will say that it was hard to narrow it down to just 4- was was originally only going to get 2, haha. There were some awesome colors. Good thing I don’t own a credit card.

Maybelline Candy Crush

Maybelline Crushed Candy in 3 coats with topcoat. Dry time on these are pretty good for someone like me I really take that into consideration because I have too much to do and I can’t sit around waiting. Formula was fantastic, great coverage this seems more like its a heavy shimmer packed jelly, you can see a visible nail line in this photo. I was quite happy with this as I was comparing this to Revlon Wild Strawberry and felt like the purple/blue shimmer that flashes in this was more then Revlons.

Maybelline Amethyst Ablaze

Amethyst Ablaze is ONE coat in this photo.  This is labeled Metallics. Also it dries to a satin matte finish. You can also see any imperfection on the nail with this. 😛 Great formula great coverage. Next photo is with topcoat.

Maybelline Amethyst Ablaze

Maybelline Blue Freeze

Maybelline Blue Freeze

Maybelline Blue Freeze

Blue Freeze in 2 coats with topcoat. I picked this one up because in the bottle it has an amazing purple shimmer that flashes amazingly…in the bottle. IRL its not as prominent.  But I’m not entirely disappointed because this is still very very pretty. Formula is great build beautifully. Maybe a tad runny but not awful.

Maybelline Twilight Rays

Twilight Rays is in 3 coats and topcoat. This black based polish is loaded with gold glass fleck shimmer. After I saw how Blue Freeze didn’t live up to what I thought was in the bottle I was worried this would look nearly as good as it represented itself on the shelf. As you can see it did not disappoint!!! I just loooove this! Great formula as it with the rest of these.

So I’m not sure if our Walmart is always going to have these as the display is already taken down and the few bottles left were shoved onto a very random rack in the beauty department. I hope they do because these are great all around polishes and there were a few other colors I really wanted. Also if you check out Maybelline’s color wheel for these on their site- it is not accurate to what you see IN the bottle or ON the nail. They show #240 Twilight Rays as just #240 “Twilight” and a rather dark mossy green.

So have any of you seen these elsewhere? Have you snatched up a few?

Nfu Oh JS31

Hi hi hi. Today I have another Nfu Oh from their Jelly Syrup series, JS31.

Nfu Oh JS31

Nfu Oh JS31

I so love JS31. Just like JS24, the formula is very good, not runny or thick! As said before- these are jellies so if you have a huge crack as I do on my ring finger, you will see it- probably better then if you had no polish. BUT I love this blue!

Nfu Oh JS31

Again – showing 1, 2 and 3 coats.

Essie: Coat Azure

I don’t have many Essie polishes, Only 2 color polishes and Shine of The Times. I wish I had more of them because they so far seem rarely problematic. But one thing I will say is, I don’t find the majority of their colors very unique (they are getting better) and I think that’s why I end up picking cheaper polishes. Actually now that I think of it, my first Essie was from my sister. I only paid full price for the topcoat effect and this one I found at Ross for $3.50. I hope they keep bringing them in because that’s a steal….

Essie Coat Azure

Essie Coat Azure in 2 coats with Sally Hansen Insta Dri topcoat. I felt like this formula was perfect. Very opaque, smooth and not runny. I love the subtle  silver shimmer in this. I’m short on words for once.

Successful-ish Jelly Sandwich, Pie Nails Fail.

Hello! Sorry I haven’t had a regular schedule going but the break was nice and I have been brain storming like crazy!!

So I wanted to show off a few of my very first Nfu Oh polishes! I have always heard of this brand but never felt like they had a whole bunch that I thought that I might need so badly. That was until they released their Jelly Syrup Series. :O My, oh my. I think that they are super yummy!!!!!!! I could only get two which I’m happy with. If it was really up to me I would just get all 40 something. BUT, at $12.50 a bottle, I really can’t afford that. So also I should mention that if you haven’t heard of Nfu Oh before, they don’t name their polishes. They are all just letters and numbers. Which is fine by me, lol. I also have to say real quick that the bottle is sooo cute, the cap is like a corset. XD

So real quick- this is just a jelly sandwich experiment which I think looks less baldy IRL. I will swatch these individually and give my full opinion of them another time.

One coat Nfu Oh JS-24

Nfu Oh JS- 24. a reddish pink. This is surprisingly not as runny as I thought it might be. Very smooth. Can be a little baldy if you you don’t go over it well (as you can clearly see). Very jelly, love it. These will still show a visible nail line even with 3-4 coats for most of them.

OPI Gone Gonzo

One coat of OPI Gone Gonzo, glittler is a little more blue IRL.

One coat of Nfu Oh JS- 31

Nfu Oh JS- 31. SUCH a beautiful blue jelly.  So if I had done 2 coats of the JS-24 I think this sandwich would ahve been “perfect” but I actually had nail art in mind when I started layering this. I probably should have skipped the nail art.

Pie Nails: Fail

Pie Nails: Fail

I mixed up a fleshy pink and some regular brown to make a crusty color made a lattice type design and put a border around the whole nail. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out (in a very small way) but it just wasn’t exactly what I had envisioned. 😛 Oh well, they make me hungry though. Blueberry glitter pie anyone??

OH!! I’m not entirely sure on this but I don’t think there are any stores that sell Nfu Oh in the US (PLEASE don’t take my word on that). I live in Montana so there’s NEVER anything here, so I bought mine on they have free shipping with $25 purchase which is basically 2 bottles. I think next time I might try out their cuticle oil, they have BANANA!!!!!!!

Claire’s Magnetix “Blue”

So some of you that read this this is my second Claire’s Magnetix polish. They don’t have any real names so I call ’em like I see ’em. So here’s the blue all my thoughts are the same as “gold’s” post. Except I think the darker color helps with the coverage. Or maybe because this is my 4th time applying it and I’m getting a little better at it?

Claire’s Magnetix “Blue”

Claire’s Magnetix “Blue”

These 1st two are without a topcoat! (Next two are with Topcoat)

Claire’s Magnetix “Blue”

Claire’s Magnetix “Blue”

The only thing that would be different about what I said in the previous post about the polish is that this blue is very pretty! I was afraid my camera wouldn’t  pick up the beautiful purple shimmer in it. Also, if you look at the pinky finger I did the magnet “on point” instead of with the guide…so I basically just put the point where to two edges met on my cuticle.

So I’ve heard that you should wait about 10 minutes to apply topcoat with this polish even though they dry a bit fast, mainly to keep it from ruining the effect. Well I’m super impatient so I waited about half that time. Maybe its just certain brands that get messed up but I think the effect stayed for this brand. I even wore this for another day, had some lady ask me about them while we were looking at polish at Target at the same time. lol So when I bought these there was only 2 other colors (grey last I heard they have green now. There are so many brand doing this now so I’d recommend googling  swatches for other brands, I hear that Color Club is good and cheaper.  Or at least it should be. The only place I’ve seen it in this valley they were selling it for $12.50 a bottle. :O

Blue & Orange Abstract Nails

SO here are the nails that my 4yr say’s “looks like a game” and she means a maze! Haha. Anyways enjoy!

Blue & Orange Abstract Nails

Blue & Orange Abstract Nails

Holo Goodness: Glitter Gal “Marine Blue” Review

Hello everyone out there!!! If you looked at the photo’s first you’re most likely not reading any of this! At all! You’re most likely sitting there slack-jawed, eye’s wide and drooling. XD Don’t worry…I’ll wait…….OKAY! So now I want to tell you a bit about this wonderful drool-worthy polish.

For those of you who don’t know about Glitter Gal, it’s an Australian brand and it’s operated by two CHICKS (Anna and Kerry)!!!! Right on!

Both Anna and Kerry have been friends for many years and partnered together to create Glitter Gal Australia. With Kerry’s experience as a makeup artist and Anna’s background in creating/supplying “private label” products to other Australian companies they have designed “Glitter Gal Australia” a great makeup and nail polish range.

The thing I think is awesome about Glitter Gal is that they have very interesting and unique products- especially the nail polish. Their “sparkle” and “holographic” nail polish line’s are to die for and I’m practically on the edge of my seat waiting for their upcoming line’s “shade shifter”, “transitions” and “essentials”.

First before anything else this IS a “Big 3 Free polish”! I only own one other holographic nail polish and I was a bit sickened when I found out that it was definitely not 3 Free.

Blue Marine is an amazing deep blue polish. If I wasn’t taking pictures of it I honestly could have gotten away with doing only one coat for this bad boy. The quality is excellent, very pigmented.Very holographic sparkly. It dries very smooth too. I used one coat of Sally Hansen Insta Dri over top. And it’s blue!! ♥ it!

Isn’t this polish amazing?!?!?! I tried my very very best to get this in natural light. Considering that we’re having a snowy spring it seems my “sun” dance gave us a break….for a day. 😉  Most of the pics are natural light and did you see the bottle itself? That’s a bit more what it looks like IRL.  I think doing the one finger with the bottle was my best bet for getting what it looked like despite being a little blurry.  I also had to throw a bit of artwork in too. 😀 It’s just acrylic paint with Sally Hansen Insta Dri Top Coat. After taking these picture’s I continued sitting in the window just absolutely amazed…. @.@

Glitter Gal sells their polishes on their website. They come in two sizes now the one in my picture’s is an 9ML- those go for 11.95 AUD (Australian dollar) and the bigger size is 15ML for 20.00AUD.  Their polishes can also be found at Llarowe $14 for 9ML and $20 for 15ML.

They are a little bit pricey but quality wise- it’s worth it. My hubby doesn’t condone my nail polish habit but I’m hoping if maybe I’m a good girl I might be aloud to purchase a few of these in the future. 😀


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