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For those of you that know me on a personal level know that I actually loathe television. I like movies and a few good or hilarious shows. The part that I can’t stand is the TV set being on all day long for no reason. I always find myself mindlessly staring at it never getting anything accomplished. Even if I don’t like the show. A lot of people tell me “I just like having the noise.” Really??? Because I feel like I’m going insane because every 30 sec someone is trying to sell me something. I prefer the radio. I love that my hubby’s great grandma has Sirius XM on her satellite. It rarely gets put to that but those channels have NO commercials and minimal talking.  I also found that my mother-in-law has Pandora that goes on the TV and it has nobody talking at me- ever. I know I’m probably waaaay behind on the times but this was news to me. I thought Pandora was just on the computer or in the car.  😛

But yeah- I love DVR. That way I can record exactly what I want to watch and can SKIP all the commercials. I do happen to like quite a few shows so if you’re interested these are the things I’m hooked on right now. (My top 3 are actually tied for how much I like them!)

  1. The Client List (I love Jennifer Love Hewitt!!! I was sad nobody picked up the Ghost Whisperer!)
  2. The All-Star Celebrity Apprentice (I know this is the 13 season but its great even though I’ve only watched half of one other season)
  3. MLP– YES! It’s true I love My Little Ponies. As a “grown woman” I really shouldn’t but I do and I’m not ashamed.
  4. Project Runway Teams ( Another show thats been going for a while that I’ve watched here and there but I’m hooked on the Teams aspect of it!)
  5. Ridiculousness (I think that this new season they’re re-using a  few clips from last season so far it seems like every episode has at least one I’ve seen them show before.)

For some of my ALL TIME favorites they’re usually old or “old people” shows.

  1. Gunsmoke 
  2. Bonanza
  3. Matlock

And probably a few others. I could waste the day away if there was a marathon of any of those old shows because I actually haven’t seen that many.

As for movies….that could be a WHOLE other post and a very long one…..


MIA, yet again!

Hello to those you of you drop in once and awhile to check out the awesomeness known as Vovo! Oh and nail polish 😛 But seriously I wanted to say to those of you who were wondering (not really sure who yet lol)- I’ve been having TONS of unexpected company and have been crazzzy busy with friends and babysitting lots of kids. It doesn’t matter boys or girls when you break out the nail polish they all want to get up in that. XD Once the ball gets rolling like that it doesn’t stop! But this coming week I’m hoping to get back on schedule. Honestly looking at just what I have on hand and I could be swatching and posting everyday for the next 2 months at least. I’ve been wanting to do a spreadsheet of what I have, so I will try to stay busy with that and show you what awesome goodies I do already have, and of course the new polishes that just keep coming out that make me go “oooo, ahhh” and “gotta have”. So I’m hoping that we can find a happy medium of that. ALSO, please feel free to request anything at all. I can’t go out and really buy anything at the moment but I am more then willing to please you all with and kind of nail art challenge. I haven’t been doing too much of that lately and I’m really wanting to. Also thinking about bring back “Billy” my sister-in-law to play model so that I can just get some of these ideas OUT of my head!!!!

I love doing this and I’m totally ready for a little nail polish vacay so you gals and guys can see what I’ve been wanting to do!

Lacquer Me Silly’s Floam Giveaway!

So if any of you are watching whats going on in the indie polish industry, you know that Floam is just to die for and becoming nearly impossible to snag. If you want a chance to WIN this polish along with some extra Floam goodies you HAVE to check out Lacquer Me Silly’s Giveaway!  It’s totally worth it to try!

Up coming for OPI 2012

I’m sure that I am the LAST person in the nail polish world that knows this but I just found out that this January 2012 OPI is releasing a line of Nicki Minaj nail polishes and in my opinion they are awesome!!!!!!!!! I don’t care for OPI’s online pictures and I can’t wait to see the real deal. I’m very glad to see that they’re also promoting a purple Shatter called “Super Bass Shatter” with the line. Until I see them in person I think it will be hard to resist WANTING all of them! I love Metallic 4 Life and Save Me because I love love love glitter polishes. But Fly and Did It On ‘Em look so awesome. Pink is pink to me so if anything Pink Friday would not be my first pick unless in person/in the bottle is screams “I’m not just a pink! I’m different!!!” But otherwise it looks like an ordinary cream pink. :\ Pink isn’t my go to obviously. Go to to check it out for yourself! If you do tell me what you think. I think it’s pretty happening if you couldn’t tell by all the exclamation points I’ve used. 😀


Hi all! Just wanted to do a very quick update at this late hour. I do plan on making more videos, I was dragging me feet about it and when I did finally decide I was going to pump out three videos a bunch of RL events happened and my RL comes before nail videos. I’m so sorry if anyone has been waiting for the “EpicMealTime” nails I do plan on doing that one still! It may not exactly come next as I hope it would but come what may and wish me luck.

October is against me…

As much as I dislike leaving summer behind, I do really enjoy fall and all that comes with it. In Montana there really isn’t a “changing of leaves” more like… “Wait! Where’s summer? I hasn’t reached even close to 100 degrees yet! What do you mean it’s going to rain for weeks? And then start snowing? Didn’t the snow finally all melt?!” Summer here really is beautiful, and deceiving. It really doesn’t start until the very end of June and ends promptly at the beginning of (or middle if you’re lucky) September. My sister-in-law and I have a joke- There’s only 3 months of summer and 10 months of winter…yes I know that’s 13 months…that’s the joke….. Winter feels as if it never ends.

But more about what’s going on this month. I’m very disappointed that I am unable to keep my prior commitment of more designs to come. At least not the way I planned. I’m in the process of getting a new memory card for my wonderful Sony camera. Which is a very very slow go since my husband and I are unemployed. When you have a new baby the space on those things just disappear. I know that the wonderful thing about memory cards is that you can delete and make more space, but I have a hard time bringing myself to do this anymore since the time I printed a bunch of pictures and then deleted what was printed… I made no back ups! It’s not like the old days where you had a negative to take back to get more. So now I don’t have very many pictures of my mother’s visit here and it’s not like I can take more… Anyways enough about the sad, depressing stuff.

So while I am able to do these designs the sharing part may have to be all video from my low quality web cam. I don’t care for this method personally but I hate breaking my word. So that being said I’m going to start putting together the video of the September haul I did.:D

I apologize for the rambling but I just feel like explaining things…always. 😛 So fingers crossed, here. we. go.


Have any of you tried the Jello Temptations? I tried the lemon meringue a while back and wasn’t too impressed. But then again I only like my’s lemon meringue pie! XD So the other day when I was shopping I found a new one! KEY LIME! I honestly didn’t think it was going to be as good as it was. I did offer to share some of this with my husband but have since retracted the offer and eaten all 3 that come in the package. I love these so much I wanna shout it from the roof top. Wouldn’t do me any good anyways, the nearest neighbor is a 1/4 mile away. So there you go, my internet neighbor, enjoy the awesomeness.


After a long break (sorry) I hope you’re all ready for some more fun nail art designs! I’ve been doing a large haul this month that I will share sometime this week and it will most likely be a video ( maybe. I’m camera shy) .

I do apologize for the long wait! My six month old son is really getting around and into everything so doing my own nails is nearly impossible. I’ve been waiting for some nail wheels and also just bought some full coverage glue on nails to do designs on. I’m very excited about this as now it makes it so that I can start painting a design and if my son starts crying I don’t have to worry about smudging it when I have to go scoop him up. 😀

Now I’m sure a lot of you watch nail bloggers on youtube, I sure do. A lot of them did “Back To School” designs. Awesome! I love the paper and pencil designs. I’m not a school girl anymore but I’m thinking about using these in my upcoming “Office Supplies” nail art 😀 Speaking of upcoming….Look for these designs in the near future:


Sports Nails

Fall Nails

Muppets Series

Multiple Halloween Designs

OMGPop Nails


If there is a design you haven’t seen anywhere or you’d like to see my own spin on a design that has been done before just leave a comment telling me what it is! I Hope you’re all enjoying your fall, it really feels like it here in Montana (except for the past few above average days XD ).