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Zoya Arizona

Oh hi! Ok so, I mentioned before I’m a little bit obsessed with Arizona. That’s where my hubby and I met and fell in love. That’s not the WHOLE reason of course. Anyways, so I knew I had to have Zoya’s Arizona purely based on the name. I know, silly. But its worth it, I don’t have a lot of oranges and this is pretty sweet.

Zoya Arizona

This color really makes me think of orange creamsicles! Yummmyyyy! Zoya Arizona is 3 coats, with no topper. Dries a little darker then what you see and is a little bit of a pain. It really likes to drag and bald. So 3 coats was a must. Still very pretty summery orange!

I don’t have much else to say right except I think I might have to go to the store now and buy some yummies.

Zoya Zuza

Oh hi! So this was my number one most wanted the second I laid my eyes on it. It’s from Zoya’s Summer Beach & Surf collection. Loooooove it!

Zoya Zuza

Aw man what a dream color, I freaking loveitr! I also love that its a very shimmer shade! Zuza is 3 coats, no topper. A little tricky to apply, you really need to make sure coats are dry before adding another. Lately I can’t get enough of these colors.

Zoya Kimber

Oh hi! So when Zoya came out with this years Beach & Surf summer collection my eyes nearly fell out of my head! I was a good girl and waited long enough for what I would call a really good coupon (3 for $15 and free ship). Seriously if you have a twitter account follow them, they totally clue you in when they have something like that going on. So here’s a pink I couldn’t resist. You may have noticed I’ve been doing a lot more pinks lately. I don’t know what it is but I’m totally being drawn to the girly color I once refused to wear haha.

Zoya Kimber

Zoya Kimber

I love that Zoya Kimber (3 coats I think-no top coat) is not just any old creme finish berry “summer” pink. It’s not too purple toned and the gold shimmer in it is just divine! I little more the subtle IRL. I’ve read on other blogs that people have quite a time getting the right top coat to work out with Zoya  nail polish, apparently Seche Vite is an absolute no no combo with them. I find that making sure you coats are really dry in between layers and using Sally Hansen insta dri is just fine. I didn’t here but I have before without any problems.

P.S. Sorry about the state of my cuticles in these pics the weather suddenly go hot and humid at that time and I was really dehydrated! Been drinking a lot more H20 so in a few weeks from now, things will start to look better.

Zoya: Carmen.

Hi there! Around V-day Zoya had a promotion where you spent at least $4 and you could get any red polish of your choice (and maybe free shipping too? It’s been awhile). I don’t really own a lot of reds, especially cremes. As I looked through all of their reds they had this one “Carmen”. I thought picking my red would be hard but that name made it easy for me because that is my mothers name. It’s been over a year since she passed and I guess you could just call me silly but that’s why I picked this color.

Zoya Carmen

Zoya Carmen done in 2 coats. This is a very bright red, with a tiny tiny bit of blue tone to  it.

To me this red is still like “WOW!” Haha. Surprisingly, I really do like it! I’ll have to do it on both hands someday and see how much I hate like it. 😀

What about you? What about matching lips and nails?

Beautylish is launching a shop!

If you’re not already on it I think you might need this link to be invited to this so called exclusive and upcoming shop. That link is a personal invite from me! They claim that their shop will have exclusive offers and limited edition products. Besides that, IMO I think they are a useful site with tons of beauty articles ranging from DIY’s to interviews with professionals in their line of work ( be it hairstylist, celebrity nail tech…) to whats trending in fashion and beauty.  So it’s definitely worth signing up for. And when you do you get your own link to invite friends and get credits (at 10 friends you get $10 credit). And you need to have 3 friends to get “priority access” to the shop.

Zoya: Dannii

Hello! Today I have another Zoya polish. It’s purple so of course its awesome.

Zoya Dannii

Zoya Dannii

Zoya Dannii done in 2 coats! This polish has such good consistency and build beautifully. I love how the shimmer reflects back some red, gold and a bit of blue. I’m just in love with this.

I think this could be a good spring time color. Now I’m not exactly the type of person to wear certain colors according to the season. On occasion I might, but if I feel like wearing a very summery neon pink in the middle of winter, I will! 😀

That’s all for today! Expect one more Zoya from me in the next post!

Zoya: Uli

Here’s an interesting one for you! Zoya’s Uli is probably my very first  nude polish. I was very hesitant to buy a nude color because I love all things bright shiny and sparkly. But I think if you’re like me this is a nude to make you happy…not pout. 😀 I usually only buy Zoya when there’s a really good promo (i.e. Free shipping or buy one get one) so I think this was one of the free one’s I picked awhile back.

Zoya Uli

Zoya Uli I used 2 coats and Sally Hansen Insta Dri. Now I’ve heard that some Zoya’s can be runny and that they sometimes seem to take forever to dry. I am probably not the most patient of people especially when it comes to polish drying but this didn’t seem to take all that long if you wait like 5 mins in between coats.

This would be a perfect polish for work. Very professional and polished. I love the golden shimmer in this! Without it I think the color would be too close to my own skin for me to like it. I know that’s mostly the idea when it comes to those types of shades but for me I find it a little bit weird and maybe almost scary…like you have no finger nails. 😛 As with most things, nudes and other softer shades could grow on me. Either way I’m more then willing to share with you all types of colors and trends (that I can keep up with…or behind).

So what do you think about nudes?