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Holo Goodness: Glitter Gal “Marine Blue” Review

Hello everyone out there!!! If you looked at the photo’s first you’re most likely not reading any of this! At all! You’re most likely sitting there slack-jawed, eye’s wide and drooling. XD Don’t worry…I’ll wait…….OKAY! So now I want to tell you a bit about this wonderful drool-worthy polish.

For those of you who don’t know about Glitter Gal, it’s an Australian brand and it’s operated by two CHICKS (Anna and Kerry)!!!! Right on!

Both Anna and Kerry have been friends for many years and partnered together to create Glitter Gal Australia. With Kerry’s experience as a makeup artist and Anna’s background in creating/supplying “private label” products to other Australian companies they have designed “Glitter Gal Australia” a great makeup and nail polish range.

The thing I think is awesome about Glitter Gal is that they have very interesting and unique products- especially the nail polish. Their “sparkle” and “holographic” nail polish line’s are to die for and I’m practically on the edge of my seat waiting for their upcoming line’s “shade shifter”, “transitions” and “essentials”.

First before anything else this IS a “Big 3 Free polish”! I only own one other holographic nail polish and I was a bit sickened when I found out that it was definitely not 3 Free.

Blue Marine is an amazing deep blue polish. If I wasn’t taking pictures of it I honestly could have gotten away with doing only one coat for this bad boy. The quality is excellent, very pigmented.Very holographic sparkly. It dries very smooth too. I used one coat of Sally Hansen Insta Dri over top. And it’s blue!! ♥ it!

Isn’t this polish amazing?!?!?! I tried my very very best to get this in natural light. Considering that we’re having a snowy spring it seems my “sun” dance gave us a break….for a day. 😉  Most of the pics are natural light and did you see the bottle itself? That’s a bit more what it looks like IRL.  I think doing the one finger with the bottle was my best bet for getting what it looked like despite being a little blurry.  I also had to throw a bit of artwork in too. 😀 It’s just acrylic paint with Sally Hansen Insta Dri Top Coat. After taking these picture’s I continued sitting in the window just absolutely amazed…. @.@

Glitter Gal sells their polishes on their website. They come in two sizes now the one in my picture’s is an 9ML- those go for 11.95 AUD (Australian dollar) and the bigger size is 15ML for 20.00AUD.  Their polishes can also be found at Llarowe $14 for 9ML and $20 for 15ML.

They are a little bit pricey but quality wise- it’s worth it. My hubby doesn’t condone my nail polish habit but I’m hoping if maybe I’m a good girl I might be aloud to purchase a few of these in the future. 😀


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