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Summer Gradient Nail and Splatter Nails Tutorials!

Hey sorry I’m a little behind on the post for these videos but here it is! Big thank you to Sammy from “The Nailasaurus” for showing us that you can create a beautiful gradient like a pro! I really felt compelled to mention Sammy because it seemed like after she posted her tutorial that there were tons on people on YT putting up videos (doing the same exact thing she was) and I wasn’t really looking it see if they credited her but I wanted to be sure I did, because I sure as heck didn’t come up with this on my own!! So yea please click the link!

And another big thank you to Totallycoolnails on youtube for showing me there are other way to do a splatter nail without a straw! Watching her tutorial totally made me think AH TOOTHBRUSH DUH! Click that link too!!! These girls are geniuses.

Gradient Tutorial!

Gradient Color Club

Splatter Tutorial

Splatter Over Gradient

Colors for the first tutorial are

All Color Club:

  • Tangerine Scream (Orange)
  • Electro Candy (Pink)
  • What A Shock  (Green)

Blast From The Past! Color Club Electro Candy

Even though this summer is big for neons and all the major brands seem to have a summer neon line up, I found this collection at Ross early this spring. It really makes me hesitant to buy any of the new neons out there- as unbelievable as that sounds. Maybe they’re not as neon as some are now? Color Club Electro Candy was from summer 2009.

Formula wise I find these are great  and pop if you have white polish for a base. All of these (except for Pure Energy<the blue one>) are one thickish coat on top of two coats of OPI Alpine Snow.  I also used the “Vivid Top Coat” that came with the set. Which I believe to is to bring out the subtle shimmer in all of these. I must say subtle is definitely the word.  A little more visible in person, regardless I ♥ these. If you don’t use top coat these dry to a dull finish. I can’t even say it satin matte because it isn’t!

Color Club “What A Shock”

The shimmer in What A Shock should be blue. And this color probably turned out more accurate then the rest.

Color Club “Volt of Light”

The shimmer in Volt Of Light should be green. And the color should be a little brighter.

Color Club “Electro Candy”

The collections namesake Electro Candy. Probably has the most visible shimmer which seems to be white. This is very bright but it should be a little more saturated in this photo. Think more like the “dark parts” and less like where the light hits it.

Color Club “Tangerine Scream”

Color Club “Tangerine Scream”

Tangerine Scream was insanely hard to capture and it make me wonder how well it would have turned out if I had a light box.  This is not accurate at all and think more of a caution cone color with a silvery white shimmer. But I thought I would share the pictures because they look super cool to me.

Color Club “Ultra Violet”

Ultra Violet wasn’t nearly as bad as Tangerine Scream to capture but none the less the color is off. My camera has something against purples. What’s in the bottle in this pic should be a touch darker and it has a beautiful blue shimmer that is so pretty IRL.

Color Club “Pure Energy”

Pure Energy is another one that should be a bit darker with a light blue shimmer in it.  Super subtle in this one. Oh and this one is two coats over two coats of white.

So thats all and you can look forward to my using 3 of these in an upcoming gradient tutorial in video form. ;D

Color Club Metamorphosis

Hello! Today I have another Color Club from their Take Wing collection. A while back I talked about this collection in this post where I showed off Daisy Does It.

This is a beautiful blue/green polish! i has a bit of duo chrome properties that were a bit hard to capture but if you look at the bottle in the first picture you can see how it has some blurple undertones.  The formula is thin, but not watery, and goes on sheer. I used 3 coats for these photos. Top coat is Sally Hansen Intsa Dri.

Color Club Metamorphosis

Color Club Metamorphosis

I just love this. and please pardon the hangnail!!!! 😛 for some reason I didn’t even know it was there until I did a bunch of swatching and looked at my photos.

So what are your thoughts on this color? Do you own any of the other colors from the collection?

Awesome Color Club & More…

So the other day I went to the mall with the intention of buying China Glaze “Luxe and Lush” from their Hunger Games collection and was taken by surprise! I’m not always aware when there is a new collection, especially not for EVERY brand there is out there. Anyways- there was a pretty new display for Color Club which is apparently their spring line for 2012 called Take Wing. I try to budget tightly and plan which polishes I buy before I ever get to the store. Which doesn’t always happen! Honestly if I had the money I would have bought them ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD I counseled with my 4 year old daughter on which color to get since I knew I could only get one. Of course being a nearly 5 year old she picked the brightest one- yellow “Daisy Does It”.

Color Club, Daisy Does It

Color Club, Daisy Does It.

Color Club, Daisy Does It

Color Club, Daisy Does It

Color Club, Daisy Does It. China Glaze, Luxe And Lush.

Color Club, Daisy Does It. China Glaze, Luxe And Lush.

Color Club, Daisy Does It. w/ China Glaze, Luxe and Lush
Color Club, Daisy Does It. w/ China Glaze, Luxe and Lush
Color Club, Daisy Does It. w/ China Glaze, Luxe and Lush

Color Club, Daisy Does It. w/ China Glaze, Luxe and Lush

Such a good pick considering I don’t own very many yellows, and this one is like a bright gold. Well…to me it is anyways. Daisy Does It is three layers and dries a little bit darker then when it is first laid on and is sheer but builds nicely.Still bright IMO. Even with three coats there is still a little bit of visible nail line I’m hoping to be able to buy a few more….I doubt that I can get them all! D’: I should also mention that it is rare that I fall in love with an entire collection. Usually there’s only one or two that I want…not all.

So I did buy what went there for! Luxe and Lush is one coat and is really smooth has a nice application. I just think it’s fabulous! Especially over Daisy Does It. There’s a few more from the Hunger Games that I would like since in person they seem a bit nicer then even what I’ve seen on other blogs.

So what do you all think?  Do you like brights or pastels for spring? I prefer bright spring colors! But that’s just me.