Diaper Rash? Some Home Remedies & The Ointment Dilema.

***So in advance- I’m sorry this isn’t about nail polish, but it is what it is! And also for there being a little bit of information overload.***

So my little guy just turned 2! So much fun at this age. It gets better when they go on the potty, but I’m not there yet. Which leads me to my main topic. Diaper rash. My boy doesn’t get it near as bad as the my older girl did when she was little. But when he does, he is one unhappy camper. He recently got another rash and was so upset that he requested a bath. He does so by saying “tub”. Haha so cute. So into to the tub he went along with oatmeal flour. I’ve been trying to be more of a D.I.Y kinda gal. I’ve always been dabbling in the arts and craftsy stuff but rarely doing useful things. But Pinterest has charged me up quite a bit in this area. I pin so many things I want to do, so I decided to start doing them. I actually didn’t get the oat flour idea from Pinterest- just something I’ve heard of before and I know that Aveeno markets something similar.

  So I wanted to make sure that his rash would be well taken care of, googled oatmeal bath, and found a number of interesting suggestions.

Some are things I feel are obvious ones:

  1. Not using scented wipes- some suggest not using any type of baby wipe. Do it the old fashion way and get a washcloth. 
  2. Being gentle as can be!
  3. Oatmeal baths  or  baking soda baths. I actually did the two together. 😛  It seems that most people have different ideas about how much to use in the tub when it comes to oatmeal. On average people say a cup. I use oat flour because its exactly what you get when most recipes tell you to grind it in a blender. You need it to dissolve in the warm water! But most people seem to agree that you need a whole box for the baking soda. And make sure there’s no lumps on the bottom of the tub.
  4. Making sure tushy is dry before applying any:
  5. Anti-rash creams.

One I haven’t tried yet:

  1. Liquid antacid (Mylanta)! Apply with cotton ball and allow to dry.

Now everyone swears by a different diaper rash product. I’ve read some rave reviews on Triple Paste which I’ve never used. Some people prefer Desitin. When I started out with my first kid (the one who seemed like she ALWAYS had a rash) this did not work on her. Boudreax’s Butt Paste was the only thing that worked for her and it worked usually within a few applications of it, unlike Desitin which I tried for days and days without any change in the flaming red tush that greeted me every time I opened the diaper. But I know there are lots of people it does work for. I became completely turned off to Desitin once I read an article on its known carcinogens. SafeCosmetics.org has the scoop on its plans to be changed by 2015. Of course after reading that about Desitin I’ve come to be reluctant about using the Butt Paste as well. Apparently it’s a little better, but at what cost??

This website is amazing> Skin Deep Cosmetics Database | Environmental Working Group  it has a feature to look up any ingredient in your products and it would tell you exactly what is is and/or what countries it is banned in and everything else you should know about it. So here you can compare Desitin vs. Boudreaux’s vs. Triple Paste. Am I happy with my instinctive choice? Well yes and no. Yes, it scores better but in my book it should be zero. I hate taking these kind of chances considering that people I know personally are developing illnesses that could have been from years of use of multiple products containing a number of unknown ingredients and the types of things doctors have prescribed. So if you’re wondering (or still reading for that matter) I do still use Boudreaux’s Butt Paste. XP Very very very rarely do I because I use Neosporin (link for arguments sake), mostly because I want things to heal if the paste isn’t working.

While I’m at it I might as well throw Women’s Voices For the Earth.  They have some good Toxin free info.

So here are some recipes I found via Pinterest:

  1. My Merry Messy Life using organic oils, beeswax, zinc oxide.
  2. Mrs. January only two ingredients cornstarch and coconut oil.
  3.  MamaOT a very nice list of a lot of things!

So like I said, information overload! I hope that somebody can find this useful!




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