A List Of Excuses…

It has been a very long time since I’ve posted anything on my blog! This is due to many excuses reasonable explanations. Lately I’ve realized (as I’ve mentioned before) that I want to refocus on the art aspect of nails. Yes there’s nothing like a good swatch of a gorgeous color but honestly after awhile I find it very boring. I was snowballing very fast on my collection of polish until a few months ago. Suddenly I wasn’t finding any colors that I would consider unique to my collection. I also think organizing my collection to color instead of brand helped me realize that I had A LOT of very similar colors mostly with the blues! 

Still not having my own computer to work from has also made it difficult. I don’t exactly feel comfortable loading the program I use to watermark my picture’s, or my picture’s alone, to someones computer that mostly likely doesn’t want there space being taken up by that! Honestly, would you want someone basically taking over your computer with their silly pictures?

I’ve been thinking about how I haven’t been doing any of this lately and it doesn’t necessarily bother me that I’m not very commited to it, but I would like to keep going what I started! SO to follow that comment I believe this blog will start to become a tiny bit more personal because believe it or not (!) I have other things I’m interested in. So if the only thing you hear me blog about in the next week happens to be about 2-5yr old children related activities- I apologize in advance. 

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