Daily Archives: Thu, 27Sep 2012

Quick Update!

I don’t rant about everything going on in my life online- usually. I believe it’s been close to or over a month now, but my laptop decided it hated me and died. Maybe I mention this already. BUT That’s the main reason I haven’t been posting lately. Second reason is that I ran out of space on my camera. I did use my friends super nice camera for my last post…(Did I post that pic???) BUT Now he is out of town! More like out of the country. Even if he DID leave it home I wouldn’t dare touch it because if I broke it I’d be paying on it for forever. So right now I’m working on clearing out memory cards and making backups which I estimate will take me 2-3 days because the battery doesn’t last long enough to clear out one memory card. But just to keep you all hanging on I promise the next post will be 2! Right now I’m wearing one of Sally Hansen’s duo chrome from a new line called Lustre Shine, called Lava *drool*. And the other (which of course is on my other hand) is a Maybelline New York Color Show Limited Edition polish called Avante Green. Avante Green is one of those polishes I nearly lost sleep over because I knew the displays wouldn’t be there for long. I’ll give more about that story with the pictures posted! So dearies please hang in there, the wait is going to be worth it.