MIA, yet again!

Hello to those you of you drop in once and awhile to check out the awesomeness known as Vovo! Oh and nail polish 😛 But seriously I wanted to say to those of you who were wondering (not really sure who yet lol)- I’ve been having TONS of unexpected company and have been crazzzy busy with friends and babysitting lots of kids. It doesn’t matter boys or girls when you break out the nail polish they all want to get up in that. XD Once the ball gets rolling like that it doesn’t stop! But this coming week I’m hoping to get back on schedule. Honestly looking at just what I have on hand and I could be swatching and posting everyday for the next 2 months at least. I’ve been wanting to do a spreadsheet of what I have, so I will try to stay busy with that and show you what awesome goodies I do already have, and of course the new polishes that just keep coming out that make me go “oooo, ahhh” and “gotta have”. So I’m hoping that we can find a happy medium of that. ALSO, please feel free to request anything at all. I can’t go out and really buy anything at the moment but I am more then willing to please you all with and kind of nail art challenge. I haven’t been doing too much of that lately and I’m really wanting to. Also thinking about bring back “Billy” my sister-in-law to play model so that I can just get some of these ideas OUT of my head!!!!

I love doing this and I’m totally ready for a little nail polish vacay so you gals and guys can see what I’ve been wanting to do!

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