Sinful Colors Pandora

Sinful Colors Pandora

So before I say anything about how many coats I used and the like, I wanted to express how difficult it is (for ME!) to describe this color!! It’s somewhere between brick and rust…. Like a light brick? It’s sorta brown/coral??? Ugh! You know what the best I can think of would be terracotta. Ok so skipping a color description-

Sinful Colors Pandora in 2 coats! I thought this might be a bit more sheer then it actually was. Built up really nice, very smooth and has a beautiful subtle pink/gold (bronze?) shimmer to it. This I think was from their Cast Away collection. I don’t think I would have been able to get this when I did because the display has been long gone but our Walgreen’s is so dead 80% of the time that this bottle was still floating around the beauty department. Lucky me! But that being said- sometimes I underestimate and things I think will still be there later- wont be (hence the frenzy of me buying 3 bottles of Green Ocean).

So despite my incapacity to describe this color, it is pretty isn’t it? If you disagree feel free to say so. My 5 year old said to me “Mommy stop painting your nails that ugly color and come play with me.” Usually mommy painting her nails gives her a chance to bug me because I can’t do too much but sit there and listen!! XD

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  1. i’m currently wearing a brick reddish color too! i agree, those types of colors are hard to describe but it does look wonderful on you!

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