Nfu Oh JS31

Hi hi hi. Today I have another Nfu Oh from their Jelly Syrup series, JS31.

Nfu Oh JS31

Nfu Oh JS31

I so love JS31. Just like JS24, the formula is very good, not runny or thick! As said before- these are jellies so if you have a huge crack as I do on my ring finger, you will see it- probably better then if you had no polish. BUT I love this blue!

Nfu Oh JS31

Again – showing 1, 2 and 3 coats.

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  1. Love this color. The 3 coat swatch is actually the color of my bedroom (with bright white trim). So tropical and pretty. The swatches are so interesting because this one doesn’t seem to look much like the bottle color, although it’s actually better.

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