Milani Purple Passion + Milani One Coat Glitter Purple Gleam

Hello! FIRST! I must warn you that I have a lot to say about the following polish!

Today I want to show you the hardest polish to capture on camera! You will see in a few pictures that it almost looks like they are completely different colors.  I think its just my camera, because after this I have another purple polish that doesn’t look like how it is when I have it in my hand or on my nails. But maybe partly it does seem a bit different outdoors.

Milani Purple Passion

Milani Purple Passion

Milani Purple Passion

Milani Purple Passion is 3 coats with Sally Hansen Insta dri top coat. This is really smooth and has a hidden blue and pink shimmer that is really stunning outdoors. There was some bubbling but I’m not sure if that had something to do with my top coat?? I will have to re- swatch and update about the bubbling….. These are all outdoors, some are outdoors with a diffused flash.

When I was outside swatching this it all looked like the same thing I was looking at with my own two eyes at the moment. When I started looking at them on my computer I noticed the very first two pictures where NOT even close to being the same color. Then I put my finger next to the screen and was like “Whoa! This looks more blue then purple!”

Milani Purple Passion with computer screen shot and actually polish inside, no flash.

That is actually compared to the picture above and it leads me to believe my camera just want’s it to be BLUE. So, thats STILL not exactly right. Imagine if you will….a little lighter, more of a royal purple color. Thats what it looks like inside.  Sorry this ended up very disappointing. Still a pretty color, just wish my camera didn’t freak out!!!

Here it is with Milani One coat Glitter Purple Gleam

Milani Purple Gleam

If you’re wondering- this is one coat, a slightly thick one with SH topcoat. It wasn’t clumpy either. This is made up of mostly purple and black glitter in a (very light) black tint base. I had to spread it out very thin with a nearly dry brush on a white piece of paper to even be able to tell that the base was very lightly tinted. That’s how densely packed this is. Its a little on the gritty side when dry and definitely needs a top coat.  I used 2 coats of top coat for the following pictures.

Milani Purple Passion + Purple Gleam

Milani Purple Passion + Purple Gleam

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