Sinful Colors Firefly

Sinful Colors Firefly

Hello! I am just itching for summer. You see, where I live, spring has just barely sprung. So to cheer all you north westerner’s up I put a beautiful sunshiny yellow polish before anything else for this post! I actually purchased this because it was on a promotional display (on sale 99 cents!!) which means once its gone I wont be seeing it for a while. Also, because I was rather angry with Sinful Colors Unicorn, a very soft yellow and frustrating beyond belief.

Sinful Colors Firefly

Sinful Colors Firefly is in 3 coats. It is a little bit sheer and smooth. At 2 coats there was still a bit of a visible nail line. It seems there might be a slight VNL in these pictures.The little bubble on the ringer finger is because of my topcoat. I would almost say this is a shimmer BUT it appears to be more glass flecked. Maybe a combo of both. Either way, its stunning for a yellow. I’ve never been partial to yellow but this would be on my top 3!

Firefly IMO goes on a lot better then Unicorn.

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