China Glaze Prismatic: Prism

Hello! Today I want to show you one of the new China Glaze Prismatic’s, Prism! Which is when described by China Glaze it’s “Grape purple holographic gleams with pink shimmer and glitters with pieces of pink, blue, green, orange, silver and gold. ”  Some of these picture’s turned out a little better then I thought. Be sure to click on the pics to see shimmers and glimmers. 😉

China Glaze Prism

China Glaze Prism

China Glaze Prism

China Glaze Prism

China Glaze Prism

China Glaze Prism

China Glaze Prism

China Glaze Prism

The formula was surprisingly good. Flows onto the nail very smooth for a glitter. 3 coats in these photos with Sally Hansen Inst Dri top coat. If you have a nice thick topcoat and really want this to feel like glass, you should definitely use it. But otherwise it isn’t terribly rough.

I tried to make sure that I took pictures of this in tons of different settings/ lighting. I think none of these pictures (except maybe the second one; inside, no flash, outside light from window) show it being purple. Also, the 4th pic seems to show it a little bit pink/purple. This is such a pretty polish. I was debating between getting this one and “Liquid Crystal”, which is a bright blue. Blue or purple? That’s always a hard question for me haha. I may have to save up and get Liquid Crystal, because I really like Prism. Also if you can find them Wet n’ Wild has dupes of these in their “Coloricon Bejeweled” collection.

So what do you think of the ultra glitter polish?


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  1. oh wow! it just sparkles! looks great on you 🙂

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