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Nfu Oh JS31

Hi hi hi. Today I have another Nfu Oh from their Jelly Syrup series, JS31.

Nfu Oh JS31

Nfu Oh JS31

I so love JS31. Just like JS24, the formula is very good, not runny or thick! As said before- these are jellies so if you have a huge crack as I do on my ring finger, you will see it- probably better then if you had no polish. BUT I love this blue!

Nfu Oh JS31

Again – showing 1, 2 and 3 coats.

Nfu Oh JS24

Hello! So  this is a straight up swatch of Nfu Oh JS24 (from the Jelly Syrup series) on its own, no nail art.

Js24 is in 3 coats in these photos. Rather pinkish with some blueish tones. No topcoat! LOOK AT THAT!! I ♥ it.  This polish may bald in spots. I can’t remember if I mentioned this before but these can turn out really good if you’re not too heavy handed with them.  After playing around with it a bit it was quite easy to get the hang of. Good formula though not runny or thick. If you wear this on its own you will see every imperfection on the nail. You may notice a long crack on the tip of my nail on the very first picture.

Nfu Oh JS24

Nfu Oh JS24

Just a refresher on how this looks when its layered in 1, 2 and 3 coats.

Essie: Coat Azure

I don’t have many Essie polishes, Only 2 color polishes and Shine of The Times. I wish I had more of them because they so far seem rarely problematic. But one thing I will say is, I don’t find the majority of their colors very unique (they are getting better) and I think that’s why I end up picking cheaper polishes. Actually now that I think of it, my first Essie was from my sister. I only paid full price for the topcoat effect and this one I found at Ross for $3.50. I hope they keep bringing them in because that’s a steal….

Essie Coat Azure

Essie Coat Azure in 2 coats with Sally Hansen Insta Dri topcoat. I felt like this formula was perfect. Very opaque, smooth and not runny. I love the subtle  silver shimmer in this. I’m short on words for once.

Successful-ish Jelly Sandwich, Pie Nails Fail.

Hello! Sorry I haven’t had a regular schedule going but the break was nice and I have been brain storming like crazy!!

So I wanted to show off a few of my very first Nfu Oh polishes! I have always heard of this brand but never felt like they had a whole bunch that I thought that I might need so badly. That was until they released their Jelly Syrup Series. :O My, oh my. I think that they are super yummy!!!!!!! I could only get two which I’m happy with. If it was really up to me I would just get all 40 something. BUT, at $12.50 a bottle, I really can’t afford that. So also I should mention that if you haven’t heard of Nfu Oh before, they don’t name their polishes. They are all just letters and numbers. Which is fine by me, lol. I also have to say real quick that the bottle is sooo cute, the cap is like a corset. XD

So real quick- this is just a jelly sandwich experiment which I think looks less baldy IRL. I will swatch these individually and give my full opinion of them another time.

One coat Nfu Oh JS-24

Nfu Oh JS- 24. a reddish pink. This is surprisingly not as runny as I thought it might be. Very smooth. Can be a little baldy if you you don’t go over it well (as you can clearly see). Very jelly, love it. These will still show a visible nail line even with 3-4 coats for most of them.

OPI Gone Gonzo

One coat of OPI Gone Gonzo, glittler is a little more blue IRL.

One coat of Nfu Oh JS- 31

Nfu Oh JS- 31. SUCH a beautiful blue jelly.  So if I had done 2 coats of the JS-24 I think this sandwich would ahve been “perfect” but I actually had nail art in mind when I started layering this. I probably should have skipped the nail art.

Pie Nails: Fail

Pie Nails: Fail

I mixed up a fleshy pink and some regular brown to make a crusty color made a lattice type design and put a border around the whole nail. I’m pretty happy with how it turned out (in a very small way) but it just wasn’t exactly what I had envisioned. 😛 Oh well, they make me hungry though. Blueberry glitter pie anyone??

OH!! I’m not entirely sure on this but I don’t think there are any stores that sell Nfu Oh in the US (PLEASE don’t take my word on that). I live in Montana so there’s NEVER anything here, so I bought mine on they have free shipping with $25 purchase which is basically 2 bottles. I think next time I might try out their cuticle oil, they have BANANA!!!!!!!

Lacquer Me Silly’s Floam Giveaway!

So if any of you are watching whats going on in the indie polish industry, you know that Floam is just to die for and becoming nearly impossible to snag. If you want a chance to WIN this polish along with some extra Floam goodies you HAVE to check out Lacquer Me Silly’s Giveaway!  It’s totally worth it to try!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s day!!! I hope you’re all having a great day full of flowers and bed and breakfast! Haha For everybody else you should AT LEAST call you mom and say, “What’s up…?” Haha seriously though tell her you lover her, make her cry and all that good stuff.

This day for me is very hard because even though I’m 25 my mother is no longer living. My hubby said I should send myself flower’s since I was boohooing about not being able to send her anything anymore. Really makes me wish she lived a lot closer before! Anyways sorry for the downer. I’m spending the day with my 2 kiddos pretty sure it will still be full of poopy diaper’s and “you make yucky dinner.” Hahha I don’t know why I find that so humorous or why I even keep making dinner. I begged my hubby to force the children to make me a craft. I don’t think my request will be fulfilled. XD

OPI: Just Spotted The Lizard

Hello! Today I wanted to share with you a polish from the OPI’s new The Amazing Spider-man Collection. OPI Just Spotted The Lizard (JSL), is an awesome duo/multi chorme polish that reflects green and gold. It the bottle there is blue but unfortunately, that doesn’t translate onto the nail.

OPI Just Spotted The Lizard (indoors w/o flash)

OPI Just Spotted The Lizard (indoors w/ difused flash)

OPI Just Spotted The Lizard (indoors with natural light source)

:O Look at that bottle!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OPI Just Spotted The Lizard (indoors natural light from behind)

OPI Just Spotted The Lizard (indoors with natural light source)

OPI Just Spotted The Lizard (natural light)

OPI Just Spotted The Lizard (indoors no flash, no bulbs on in the room, just sunlight coming in)

OPI JSP is in 3 coats here and no top coat. Very good formula nice and smooth, I was actually expecting it to be a bit more sheer then it actually was. I really didn’t intend on putting so many pictures for this post but I really wanted to show how different it can be even in the same lighting. You can almost see the blue on the last picture.  Just absolutely stunning IMO. This is one of those very few polishes that I felt like I HAD to have it.

OK I don’t really need to say this because chances are- you already know. I’ve heard and seen that this is a dead on dupe for Chanel’s Peridot. I don’t have Peridot to compare it to, but if you search it online you will find lots of bloggers who do. SOOO that being said this is by far much cheaper.

A very long but funny story goes with this and another polish from the collection. I had called the girls at the local beauty school- which is my closest OPI seller and requested they call me when this collection came in. When they called me 2 weeks later and I asked if they’d hold onto two bottles for me, this one- JSP and Number One Nemesis. I normally wouldn’t do this but I live in a very small town I’m actually 10 miles out of town.  Long story short- my hubby went and picked up my polishes without me knowing, I didn’t have a car to get there in the first place but I was freaking out about getting there (which he let me do!!! in front of his friend btw) before they closed (it was in like away10 mins ATM) and just when I felt like I’d just have to wait until the next day he pulled them out of his pocket. For some girls this would be no big deal but my hubby HATES  chemically smells- in fact  all un-natural smells. So for him to first of go INTO the school, was shocking enough and then to buy NAIL POLISH?! Probably his worst offender? I’m not sure which he hates more- makeup or nail polish? Maybe aerosol air fresheners…Oh well you get the drift. I was beyond shocked.

Whoa got off track! But here’s JSP with Kleancolor’s Coffee Addict stamped over it and Sally Hansen Insta Dri topcoat.

OPI Just Spotted The Lizard + Kleancolor Coffee Addict

This turned out just the way I hoped it would. Not too strong as to take away from the base color but not to light as to blend in and disappear. This isn’t my first time stamping but I do think this is my first post with my stamping featured…ummmm Oh! The image plate is a red angel RA-104, there’s two designs but its still the same plate. I bought my Red Angel’s on!

So what do you think of this color? what about stamping? Have you tried it yet?

Crabby Nails

Hello! Lately I’ve been trying to tackle the sketches I’ve drawn out in my notebooks but sometimes- like this one- I just jump ahead because I am literally dreaming about doing the design. Or just thinking about it even up to the time of filming. So I’ll be honest- I was inspired by Mr. Krabs from Spongebob Squarepants. I haven’t been watching the show so much lately but it used to be my #1 favie cartoon, and those characters are in my notebooks.

I wanted to keep this in line with summer itself so I did try to make my crab NOT look like Mr. Krabs but if you wanted to do that you could just add a little darker red zig-zag nose and little eye lash looking things at the tops of the eyes.

Here’s The Tutorial:


Here’s a pic!

Crabby Nail Art

Here’s What I Used:

  • Kleancolor Metallic Aqua
  • Kleancolor Ocean Wave
  • Acrylic Paint- red, black, white.
  • Top coat (in picture) Sally Hansen Insta Dri Anit-Chip top coat

So there you go, now go get your beach on.

Revlon Scented: Not So Blueberry

Hello! Now remember how I said that my camera seems to have issue’s with purple polish? This is one of them but not as bad as the Milani. This doesn’t look completely different from picture to picture. It just seems to be a little less purple then I thought it was.  Also, I feel like I should mention that this is my first scented polish.

Revlon “Not So Blueberry”

Revlon “Not So Blueberry”

Revlon “Not So Blueberry”

Revlon “Not So Blueberry” (NSB)

Revlon “Not So Blueberry” is in 3 coats here.  Not very sheer but not opaque in one coat, builds up nicely and I would even say that the formula is perfect. Just my opinion. This seems to be glass flecked. In the bottle it almost looks like a duo chrome sort of color with a blue and purple, but its barely noticeable on the nail. you can almost see it in the 2nd pic. Either way I’m not too disappointed by that I love this color.

So you all probably know this but there isn’t a scent until this polish dries. The smell of NSB really reminds me of a blue dum dum pop. I’m thinking it’s more like the blue raspberry. I didn’t do a top coat in these picture but I did wear this again and with a top coat and I could still smell them. It wasn’t still a bit “smelly” for a few days, probably could have went longer but I took it off for more swatching.  I almost wish this wasn’t scented because its not over whelming but a little weird when you’re eating something (pizza for example) and its conflicting with the smell what you’re eating. Pepperoni blu raspberry, anyone?

So in conclusion, scented polishes are fun but I wouldn’t buy them for the smell. The other scented Revlon I wan’t is “Beach”, a really pretty green that leans towards yellow. I expect that will smell a lot less fruity.

Milani Purple Passion + Milani One Coat Glitter Purple Gleam

Hello! FIRST! I must warn you that I have a lot to say about the following polish!

Today I want to show you the hardest polish to capture on camera! You will see in a few pictures that it almost looks like they are completely different colors.  I think its just my camera, because after this I have another purple polish that doesn’t look like how it is when I have it in my hand or on my nails. But maybe partly it does seem a bit different outdoors.

Milani Purple Passion

Milani Purple Passion

Milani Purple Passion

Milani Purple Passion is 3 coats with Sally Hansen Insta dri top coat. This is really smooth and has a hidden blue and pink shimmer that is really stunning outdoors. There was some bubbling but I’m not sure if that had something to do with my top coat?? I will have to re- swatch and update about the bubbling….. These are all outdoors, some are outdoors with a diffused flash.

When I was outside swatching this it all looked like the same thing I was looking at with my own two eyes at the moment. When I started looking at them on my computer I noticed the very first two pictures where NOT even close to being the same color. Then I put my finger next to the screen and was like “Whoa! This looks more blue then purple!”

Milani Purple Passion with computer screen shot and actually polish inside, no flash.

That is actually compared to the picture above and it leads me to believe my camera just want’s it to be BLUE. So, thats STILL not exactly right. Imagine if you will….a little lighter, more of a royal purple color. Thats what it looks like inside.  Sorry this ended up very disappointing. Still a pretty color, just wish my camera didn’t freak out!!!

Here it is with Milani One coat Glitter Purple Gleam

Milani Purple Gleam

If you’re wondering- this is one coat, a slightly thick one with SH topcoat. It wasn’t clumpy either. This is made up of mostly purple and black glitter in a (very light) black tint base. I had to spread it out very thin with a nearly dry brush on a white piece of paper to even be able to tell that the base was very lightly tinted. That’s how densely packed this is. Its a little on the gritty side when dry and definitely needs a top coat.  I used 2 coats of top coat for the following pictures.

Milani Purple Passion + Purple Gleam

Milani Purple Passion + Purple Gleam