Claire’s Magnetix “Blue”

So some of you that read this this is my second Claire’s Magnetix polish. They don’t have any real names so I call ’em like I see ’em. So here’s the blue all my thoughts are the same as “gold’s” post. Except I think the darker color helps with the coverage. Or maybe because this is my 4th time applying it and I’m getting a little better at it?

Claire’s Magnetix “Blue”

Claire’s Magnetix “Blue”

These 1st two are without a topcoat! (Next two are with Topcoat)

Claire’s Magnetix “Blue”

Claire’s Magnetix “Blue”

The only thing that would be different about what I said in the previous post about the polish is that this blue is very pretty! I was afraid my camera wouldn’t  pick up the beautiful purple shimmer in it. Also, if you look at the pinky finger I did the magnet “on point” instead of with the guide…so I basically just put the point where to two edges met on my cuticle.

So I’ve heard that you should wait about 10 minutes to apply topcoat with this polish even though they dry a bit fast, mainly to keep it from ruining the effect. Well I’m super impatient so I waited about half that time. Maybe its just certain brands that get messed up but I think the effect stayed for this brand. I even wore this for another day, had some lady ask me about them while we were looking at polish at Target at the same time. lol So when I bought these there was only 2 other colors (grey last I heard they have green now. There are so many brand doing this now so I’d recommend googling  swatches for other brands, I hear that Color Club is good and cheaper.  Or at least it should be. The only place I’ve seen it in this valley they were selling it for $12.50 a bottle. :O

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  1. I wasn’t interested in the magnetic nail polishes until this post. That blue is just stunning!

  2. Oooh I’ve been holding back on buying these, but that looks so cool! Love the effect!

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