Claire’s Magnetix “Gold”

A while back I was talking about nail polish trends and magnetic’s were the second topic on that post. Now I’ve finally gotten around to getting the pictures out. This is only my second time using them and I think it’s a lot better looking then my first time.  There are no names for Claire’s Magnetix SO without further ado…

Claire's Magnetix "Gold"

Claire's Magnetix "Gold"

So the no name “gold” magnetix polish comes with the removable cap that the magnet is straight diagonal lines . I also have the blue polish and it has the wavy magnet that I also used on this polish. If you look at the last picture it shows the guides on the cap for where you place the magnet over the nail. The guide goes on your cuticle and you hold it just over the wet polish. Scrangie has a great FAQ & Troubleshooting on the subject. This is my first magnetic so I’m still learning. Even with all the information there is on the subject you still have to practice to get it. You can see in the first picture a little bit of balding. There are a few spots that looked smudge, that’s because the polish was too thick and the magnet pulled it up off the nail. I think I had some balding because I didn’t go thick enough because I was afraid of it pulling it up again. Again, I say practice. Other then the weird shaped mop like brushes the formula was good a little thick but not gloppy. Goes on nice and smooth. I love how this gold reminds me of tiger eye rocks, sort of glass flecked too. Later you’ll see the blue and I will also show these without a magnet in the future.

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