A Week Of Nail Disasters…

Hello out there!!!! As some of you may have noticed, I don’t have a regular schedule of when I do a post. I’m lucky if I can get one in a week. Lately I’ve been trying to swatch like a crazy person when the sun is out (*very rare btw*) so that on gloomy day’s I have something to blog about.

So just earlier this week, I had been digging around in…something, I can’t remember and didn’t even notice that I had sliced part of my finger really close to the cuticle. I nearly screamed out loud at this discovery. So anyways this little gash made a horrible huge hanging piece of skin. It’s still healing very well but what makes me mad is that besides this being unacceptable for doing any photos of what I’m actually wearing…..It’s SUNNY outside!!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh.. Great lighting that I can’t even use. Maybe I might anyways and just cover up my ugly little scab in Picasa…. Anyways!

Hopefully things will start looking better within a week so I can get back at it. In the mean time if I’m not super busy I might do a nail tutorial on a fake nail.


Posted on Tue, 27Mar 2012, in Nail Polish & Nail Art. Bookmark the permalink. 1 Comment.

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