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A Week Of Nail Disasters…

Hello out there!!!! As some of you may have noticed, I don’t have a regular schedule of when I do a post. I’m lucky if I can get one in a week. Lately I’ve been trying to swatch like a crazy person when the sun is out (*very rare btw*) so that on gloomy day’s I have something to blog about.

So just earlier this week, I had been digging around in…something, I can’t remember and didn’t even notice that I had sliced part of my finger really close to the cuticle. I nearly screamed out loud at this discovery. So anyways this little gash made a horrible huge hanging piece of skin. It’s still healing very well but what makes me mad is that besides this being unacceptable for doing any photos of what I’m actually wearing…..It’s SUNNY outside!!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh.. Great lighting that I can’t even use. Maybe I might anyways and just cover up my ugly little scab in Picasa…. Anyways!

Hopefully things will start looking better within a week so I can get back at it. In the mean time if I’m not super busy I might do a nail tutorial on a fake nail.


Blue & Orange Abstract Nails

SO here are the nails that my 4yr say’s “looks like a game” and she means a maze! Haha. Anyways enjoy!

Blue & Orange Abstract Nails

Blue & Orange Abstract Nails

Holo Goodness: Glitter Gal “Marine Blue” Review

Hello everyone out there!!! If you looked at the photo’s first you’re most likely not reading any of this! At all! You’re most likely sitting there slack-jawed, eye’s wide and drooling. XD Don’t worry…I’ll wait…….OKAY! So now I want to tell you a bit about this wonderful drool-worthy polish.

For those of you who don’t know about Glitter Gal, it’s an Australian brand and it’s operated by two CHICKS (Anna and Kerry)!!!! Right on!

Both Anna and Kerry have been friends for many years and partnered together to create Glitter Gal Australia. With Kerry’s experience as a makeup artist and Anna’s background in creating/supplying “private label” products to other Australian companies they have designed “Glitter Gal Australia” a great makeup and nail polish range.

The thing I think is awesome about Glitter Gal is that they have very interesting and unique products- especially the nail polish. Their “sparkle” and “holographic” nail polish line’s are to die for and I’m practically on the edge of my seat waiting for their upcoming line’s “shade shifter”, “transitions” and “essentials”.

First before anything else this IS a “Big 3 Free polish”! I only own one other holographic nail polish and I was a bit sickened when I found out that it was definitely not 3 Free.

Blue Marine is an amazing deep blue polish. If I wasn’t taking pictures of it I honestly could have gotten away with doing only one coat for this bad boy. The quality is excellent, very pigmented.Very holographic sparkly. It dries very smooth too. I used one coat of Sally Hansen Insta Dri over top. And it’s blue!! ♥ it!

Isn’t this polish amazing?!?!?! I tried my very very best to get this in natural light. Considering that we’re having a snowy spring it seems my “sun” dance gave us a break….for a day. 😉  Most of the pics are natural light and did you see the bottle itself? That’s a bit more what it looks like IRL.  I think doing the one finger with the bottle was my best bet for getting what it looked like despite being a little blurry.  I also had to throw a bit of artwork in too. 😀 It’s just acrylic paint with Sally Hansen Insta Dri Top Coat. After taking these picture’s I continued sitting in the window just absolutely amazed…. @.@

Glitter Gal sells their polishes on their website. They come in two sizes now the one in my picture’s is an 9ML- those go for 11.95 AUD (Australian dollar) and the bigger size is 15ML for 20.00AUD.  Their polishes can also be found at Llarowe $14 for 9ML and $20 for 15ML.

They are a little bit pricey but quality wise- it’s worth it. My hubby doesn’t condone my nail polish habit but I’m hoping if maybe I’m a good girl I might be aloud to purchase a few of these in the future. 😀


– – – – – – – – – – –

This product was sent for review. All opinions stated are my own and not endorsed. See disclosure for full details.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Are you going to wear green today? I don’t own anything green besides nail polish! Haha! Anyways here is my holiday inspired nail art!

Sorry about my uneven nails….I’m very stubborn when it comes to giving up all my claws just because one or two had to go and ruin it for the rest of them. But eventually I will breakdown and desire orderly-ness  on my nails.

I honestly can’t tell you what color’s where used for the rainbow without diggin’ through my stash. 😛  Majority of them were Sinful Colors. I did the rainbow using the “plastic bag method”, which if you Google that on YouTube you can find a bunch of tutorials and they’re all basically the same. Even though I could have done this free hand with a toothpick (or an orange wood stick) I didn’t feel like wait FOREVER for it to dry on my own hand and risk screwing it up. But yea- just use a white base so all your colors stay vibrant.  Oh and FYI I only did the rainbow itself and free handed the clouds on with the polish brush. ALSO, I had to use some tiny scissors to cute one end because it was too long and it stretched a little bit since it wasn’t completely dry. I’m so impatient.

Also a side note on the glitter over the green- in Kleancolors Gold Caviar they base is a jelly yellow and rather thick IMO so I put a blob of polish on a folded up paper towel and fished out the gold glitters with a orange wood stick and the back of a straight pin for the ones near the top. I still did a swipe on the tips but didn’t want to carry the yellow all the way up and completely changing the vision of green and gold I had!

Hope you have an excellent day and don’t get pinched!

P.S. I never heard of the pinching thing as a kid….not until like highschool. Is that a “new” thing, or did kids just avoid me in school? Hm, now I should go reflect on my childhood….. XD

Kleancolor Holo Chrome

Hello readers. This next swatch was one that I really wanted to wear longer then the 5 minutes that I did wear it for. My hubby needed help and it was just already too late to wait for it to dry-BUT luckily I got a few pics before destroying it and having to just remove the whole thing. So here it is Kleancolor Holo Chome #94.

These pictures really do it no justice. I couldn’t get a better one in that lighting, but I picked the one I felt showed its sparklies! It’s rather pretty and jelly looking. I did about 3 coats since it’s rather sheer.  This is one from Kleancolor that I highly recommend. Just beautiful. So please click to get the full effect- the best to my picture taking abilities or lack of.

Also Let me know what you think of the “gallery” viewing. Should I keep it that way or just go back to the way I posted before?

Rainbow Manicure ♥

Hello! Are you ready for this?! Compared to my last post which made me want to scream with horror, this one makes me want to squeal with delight. I don’t want to type anything else until you see this! FYI I can’t stand the word pastel so I have omitted it from this post with my own “proper” term.

Baby Rainbow

Baby Rainbow

Glittery Baby Rainbow

Glittery Baby Rainbow

Glittery Baby Rainbow

Glittery Baby Rainbow *shade*

WEEEEEE!!!!!!! I love it! Doesn’t it make you want to hug a unicorn? I think this is something that would be either spring or baby shower appropriate. Now for the technique we’re going to go to one of my most FAVORITE youtuber’s Colette! She was inspired by another person on YT and I was likewise inspired by Colette but for something a little different and softer. I also wanted to show that this is doable on shorter nails.  Anyways she has a wonderful tutorial on how to do this rainbow manicure in neon’s and leopard print. It’s only 3 colors, 4 when you count your base coat. So real quick here’s what I used!

What I used:

  • Base color- OPI Alpine Snow (white)
  • Pink- Sally Hansen “Bubblegum Pink”
  • Yellow- Sinful Colors “Unicorn”
  • Blue- Sinful Colors “Cinderella”
  • Glitter on ring finger- Salley Hansen “Hallucinate”
  • Glitter on other fingers- China Glaze “Snow Globe”

So what do you think are you in love as much as I am? 😉

Jelly Sandwich…gone wrong

For all you that thought this was about a real jelly sandwich- sorry I tricked you. 😀 This is about what is called a “candy manicure” aka jelly sandwich. This consists of a base color, a glitter polish, followed by a “jelly” polish. Jelly obviously meaning a clearish colored polish….like jelly. There is no right or wrong way to this. Some people do a creamy jelly finish(as I did) as their over glitter layer. Some people do another glitter layer! Sometimes people skip the base color. So to me it’s all about just having fun and experimenting. I think that’s sort of how some of these girls on etsy get their idea’s for their handmade/indie polishes that just look so freaking awesome and unique!

So this is my first jelly sandwich, I think it’s hideous… 😛

Sally Hansen- Save the Date *Flash*

Sally Hansen- Save the Date *shade*

Sally Hansen- Save the Date, China Glaze- Snow Globe

This is were I should have stopped and gave up on the whole jelly sandwich idea.

Sally Hansen- Save The Date. China Glaze- Snow Globe, OPI- It's a Girl

Also didn’t realize there was a HUGE drag on my middle finger. Uck…I hate this! In my head it seemed like a good idea. Next time I will look good and hard for a non creamy jelly finish. So hopefully there will not  be a disappointing post on the next. I take back what I said in the beginning- apparently there IS a wrong way.

Sinful Colors Flakies Polish!

So on my weekly visit to Walgreen’s I nearly jumped for joy when I saw that Sinful Colors has their own version of a flakies polish called Green Ocean. It goes with their St. Patrick’s Day display! I honestly can’t tell you what else was on display because when I saw that- that was all I saw! I vaguely remember some skinny striping polishes….probably something they always have though. I’ve noticed that with SC, when they have a holiday display it usually contains colors from their core line. But not always…..especially in this case because I’ve never seen Green Ocean (GO) before. I wish I could have SC other “Ocean’s” a blue and a pink! But the pink is called Deep Red Ocean…? W.e! Picture time!

Sinful Colors Green Ocean

Sinful Colors Green Ocean over Wet n' Wild Black Out.

Sinful Colors Green Ocean

Sinful Colors Green Ocean over OPI Alpine Snow

Sinful Colors Green Ocean

Sinful Colors Green Ocean over Sally Hansen Emerald City. Sinful Colors Happy Ending.

I’m not sure if I care for it over white….my hubby said it looked like a fungus. GO is a little bit gritty especially if you blob it on like I did on a few fingers. A thicker topcoat would work great. Right now I don’t own any other colored flakies but a short while back Zoya had a promotional thing going on where you got 2 free polishes- you just had to pay shipping. And with my polishes came a color chart with their True collection which has the flakies. I also received the Feel collection color chart with 6 empty spaces…sooooo I decided to fill in one with the GO to compare it that way since I do not actually own any Zoya flakies. I thought at first it might be just like Opal since its green too. But when I pulled the brush out I noticed that there was actual glitters in GO. And in the tray it was a bit less green. Kind of an in between Opal and Maisie( which is blue).

Sinful Colors Green Ocean

Sinful Colors Green Ocean on the bottom. Zoya Maisie and Opal on top.

Sinful Colors Green Ocean

Sinful Colors Green Ocean. Zoya Maisie and Opal on top.

After I bought this I almost immediately regretted not buying a back up. I knew I’d be crazy about this! Luckily I live in a rather small town and when I went back almost a week later there was 2 bottles left so I bought them both!….Sad when you think that even those 2 bottles, actually all 3 are cheaper then a China Glaze or an OPI.

Awesome Color Club & More…

So the other day I went to the mall with the intention of buying China Glaze “Luxe and Lush” from their Hunger Games collection and was taken by surprise! I’m not always aware when there is a new collection, especially not for EVERY brand there is out there. Anyways- there was a pretty new display for Color Club which is apparently their spring line for 2012 called Take Wing. I try to budget tightly and plan which polishes I buy before I ever get to the store. Which doesn’t always happen! Honestly if I had the money I would have bought them ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD I counseled with my 4 year old daughter on which color to get since I knew I could only get one. Of course being a nearly 5 year old she picked the brightest one- yellow “Daisy Does It”.

Color Club, Daisy Does It

Color Club, Daisy Does It.

Color Club, Daisy Does It

Color Club, Daisy Does It

Color Club, Daisy Does It. China Glaze, Luxe And Lush.

Color Club, Daisy Does It. China Glaze, Luxe And Lush.

Color Club, Daisy Does It. w/ China Glaze, Luxe and Lush
Color Club, Daisy Does It. w/ China Glaze, Luxe and Lush
Color Club, Daisy Does It. w/ China Glaze, Luxe and Lush

Color Club, Daisy Does It. w/ China Glaze, Luxe and Lush

Such a good pick considering I don’t own very many yellows, and this one is like a bright gold. Well…to me it is anyways. Daisy Does It is three layers and dries a little bit darker then when it is first laid on and is sheer but builds nicely.Still bright IMO. Even with three coats there is still a little bit of visible nail line I’m hoping to be able to buy a few more….I doubt that I can get them all! D’: I should also mention that it is rare that I fall in love with an entire collection. Usually there’s only one or two that I want…not all.

So I did buy what went there for! Luxe and Lush is one coat and is really smooth has a nice application. I just think it’s fabulous! Especially over Daisy Does It. There’s a few more from the Hunger Games that I would like since in person they seem a bit nicer then even what I’ve seen on other blogs.

So what do you all think?  Do you like brights or pastels for spring? I prefer bright spring colors! But that’s just me.