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Kleancolor Neon Aqua

Hey all I thought I should share this pre-nail art polish I had on. Such a pretty blue! I used two coats for this picture….No topcoat though!   Now if there are any of you that have Kleancolor nail polish you know that it has a unique smell. Some people find it very nasty. For some reason I think it smells nicer then other nail polish, still a stinky smell though.


                                                                                                                    Natural Light

I love blues and purples! I think this is an awesome color. It applied easily and no complaints that I can think of. When it comes to wear and tear I’m that last person that should be consulted because I am soooo rough on my nails! A manicure typically survives 2 days with me. I do dishes without gloves. I very rarely keep and nail art design in perfect condition even minutes after I’ve finished. I’m just too impatient. I’ve got things to do! XD But this one lasted 3 days if that means anything, haha. I must of had less dishes to do.

So I hope you enjoyed and sit tight- I’m editing the video for the overlaying design.

Band wagon…Are you on it??

Hello there!

Do any of you follow the nail trends? A lot of you I’m sure are “crackled” out. I myself am still fascinated with it! But that’s not actually the trend I want to talk about. XD There’s actually 2 others on my mind at the moment.

1st being FLAKIES! Now if you haven’t picked it up by now- I love glitter. Being in MT sucks when you’re trying to get your hands on specific brands such as Finger Paints. Love their special effects polish! I would be so happy to own “Twisted”.  The one and only flaky I have is Essie’s “Shine of The Times”. Quite awesome I think. I don’t own SH original limited edition “Hidden Treasure” but I’ve heard that Shine of The Times is a much denser version of that.

This is Essie Shine of the times over:

Sally Hansen- White On & Black Out

Sinful Colors “Nirvana”  (which is a brown but you probably can’t tell!)

Sinful Colors “Happy Ending”  *green

Wet n’ Wild Wild Shine “Blue Moon”

Kleancolor “Barbie Pink”

Pure Ice “No Means No” *purple

Isn’t that freaking awesome?? Do any of you own this or any other flakies?

So now for the 2nd trend, I don’t own it yet! I’m on the war path for it and its hard to find here. It’s the magnetic polish! It’s an iron filled polish that when a “special” magnet (usually on the cap of the bottle) is held over it it creates a design- usually stripes. I do believe it isn’t way new but for me its only just now becoming available locally. Yes I could buy it online but I’m very leery about spending $12+ for a bottle of nail polish! Icing has come up with their own! So sometime this week I’ll be wiggling my butt into Claire’s (yes, wiggling) because not only are they sister stores with Icing- their nail polishes are exactly the same. Now our mall doesn’t have the Icing store (which btw their “magnetix” is CHEAPER) so I’m going with second best. I’ve also read from many many other nail polish blogs that the magnet for these seem to work better then a few others. I’ve heard that the China Glaze magnet is a big disappointment which is even sadder because they made it U shaped with several designs which I thought was creative. But I think it’s one of the brands that you have to buy it seperate. Maybe there is a few other but none come to mind at the moment. Really quick before I forget- go here if you want a really good FAQ from someone that has actually had the chance to play around with this type of polish in different kinds of brands. Back to about the Icing brand they have for colors with no names that are gold, gunmetal, pink and blue. The pink and blue have a “wavy” design and the other two have straight lines, both with the option to turn the magnet. I guess you wouldn’t really have to use the guides anyway if you were wanting to be extra creative.

So besides the Icing/Claire’s Magnetix, I think Lancôme Vernis Magnétic is awesome because the magnet is attached to the bottle itself on the outside and it makes a star bust design! :O But I’m not sure it’s worth$15.50. maybe if I feel like treating myself for my birthday. 😛

But yea if you’re interested the brands that I know of that are doing this at the moment are nails, inc. (found at sephora) Layla, Lancôme, China Glaze “Magnetix”, Icing/Claire’s “Magnetix” and LCN (which I never heard of before). Thepolishaholic just recently feature a magnetic from You Mix Cosemetics.

Sorry about the length of this post. I could honestly go on all day!

Mario Enemies!

Hello! Today I have something new and exciting (to me)!

This is something that I’ve been working on quite awhile now and even though it’s done and over I’m still a little bit hesitant to share it with the world. I will be honest- I could have done better. But if I had left the audio in it’s original form you would hear my kids, THE WHOLE TIME. Just an excuse I know, but still this is my “baby” and it is what it is. I think it’s done well enough that the characters are recognizable.  Despite my distractions I had fun doing this. I didn’t research into it too much but I did notice in a quick look through some YT videos and the main characters in the Mario series that are being done over and over again are the 1up Mushroom, Mario himself, Luigi, Yoshi….so I thought why not do his enemies?! I’m hoping (but no promises!) in the future to do more in this category.

Mario Nail Art: Enemies!

Since this video was done awhile ago I don’t have what I used out. If you have any specific questions about things I’m sure I could dig around and find it.