October is against me…

As much as I dislike leaving summer behind, I do really enjoy fall and all that comes with it. In Montana there really isn’t a “changing of leaves” more like… “Wait! Where’s summer? I hasn’t reached even close to 100 degrees yet! What do you mean it’s going to rain for weeks? And then start snowing? Didn’t the snow finally all melt?!” Summer here really is beautiful, and deceiving. It really doesn’t start until the very end of June and ends promptly at the beginning of (or middle if you’re lucky) September. My sister-in-law and I have a joke- There’s only 3 months of summer and 10 months of winter…yes I know that’s 13 months…that’s the joke….. Winter feels as if it never ends.

But more about what’s going on this month. I’m very disappointed that I am unable to keep my prior commitment of more designs to come. At least not the way I planned. I’m in the process of getting a new memory card for my wonderful Sony camera. Which is a very very slow go since my husband and I are unemployed. When you have a new baby the space on those things just disappear. I know that the wonderful thing about memory cards is that you can delete and make more space, but I have a hard time bringing myself to do this anymore since the time I printed a bunch of pictures and then deleted what was printed… I made no back ups! It’s not like the old days where you had a negative to take back to get more. So now I don’t have very many pictures of my mother’s visit here and it’s not like I can take more… Anyways enough about the sad, depressing stuff.

So while I am able to do these designs the sharing part may have to be all video from my low quality web cam. I don’t care for this method personally but I hate breaking my word. So that being said I’m going to start putting together the video of the September haul I did.:D

I apologize for the rambling but I just feel like explaining things…always. 😛 So fingers crossed, here. we. go.

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