After a long break (sorry) I hope you’re all ready for some more fun nail art designs! I’ve been doing a large haul this month that I will share sometime this week and it will most likely be a video ( maybe. I’m camera shy) .

I do apologize for the long wait! My six month old son is really getting around and into everything so doing my own nails is nearly impossible. I’ve been waiting for some nail wheels and also just bought some full coverage glue on nails to do designs on. I’m very excited about this as now it makes it so that I can start painting a design and if my son starts crying I don’t have to worry about smudging it when I have to go scoop him up. 😀

Now I’m sure a lot of you watch nail bloggers on youtube, I sure do. A lot of them did “Back To School” designs. Awesome! I love the paper and pencil designs. I’m not a school girl anymore but I’m thinking about using these in my upcoming “Office Supplies” nail art 😀 Speaking of upcoming….Look for these designs in the near future:


Sports Nails

Fall Nails

Muppets Series

Multiple Halloween Designs

OMGPop Nails


If there is a design you haven’t seen anywhere or you’d like to see my own spin on a design that has been done before just leave a comment telling me what it is! I Hope you’re all enjoying your fall, it really feels like it here in Montana (except for the past few above average days XD ).

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  1. can’t wait to see the Halloween designs! do I foresee glow-in-the-dark polish? 🙂

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