Mini Haul & Swatches


I bought these from the nearby beauty school!


The little finger is China Glaze “108 Degrees” from the Island Escape collection. This whole collection of colors I definitely wouldn’t mind having ALL of! One of those times (like with the China Glaze crackle’s) that I wish more people sold the whole kit so there would be no hunting down of every color!


Ring finger is China Glaze ” High Def”


The middle finger is one a lot of people will probably recognize as its gained lots of popularity among nail polish fanatics, that is OPI “Mermaid Tears” from the Pirates of the Caribbean On Stranger Tides collection. This collection also pushes their silver crackle polish, get it if you can find it crackle is so much fun.

All of these are done in one coat! The 108 degrees is used in my “Itty Bitty Paw Prints” so if you want an idea of what two coats look like, check it out!

The two China Glaze’s pictured are sooo pretty they both have a fine glittery glint to them that I just absolutely LOVE!

 Sorry this picture is somewhat small, I re-sized it wrong, oh well.




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  1. I love that greenish one! Love that it’s neutral and not so in your face bright lol

  2. I know! Its such an awesome turquoise color!

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